Note that Gardenia is generally clothed.

Gardenia Clarke is a xenolinguist, pirate, and general failure from the far future. She arrived in-game on Valentine's Day 2011 and currently lives with Virgil.

age: 27

origins: Original (same 'verse as Virgil).

app link: here

hmd: here

played by: Anne

contact: busshelterwindow - AIM


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Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

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Character RelationshipsEdit

Marjorie Potts

This lady apparently bakes, which is awesome. She seems friendly, if a bit rough around the edges - but if her cakes are as delicious as they are creative Gardenia is more than willing to look beyond that.

RED Pyro

This guy is weird.


More than a little intimidated by the good Commander, Gardenia isn't entirely sure what to make of Virgil's connection to her.


Coming soon!


Most awkward kid ever, who apparently has a crush on her? Gardenia harbors secret convictions that he's not right in the head, and has resolved never to hurt him ever.


It's complicated.

Anne Faffs About MusicallyEdit

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