Jiji is a black witches cat from a small seaside town. They arrived in-game on
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Do that again, giant space-marine.

Saturday, December 18 and currently lives wherever he damn well pleases— though he usually ends up bunking with the Spartans, for whatever reason.

age: 6

origins: Kiki's Delivery Service

app link: here

hmd: here

played by: Mica

AIM: failmica or pearlyunicorn1


Kiki's delivery service is set in a world reminiscent of a cheery Mediterranean country at a time when powered heavier-than-air flight is just coming into being with the airways still dominated by the blimps and zeppelins of old. While not widespread, magic and witchcraft are known of but nothing like widespread or ubiquitous. It seems to be considered an honor for a town to have a witch of its very own, though they seem to be considered old-fashioned by ordinary people's standards. It's one of their oldest customs that when a young witch turns thirteen she sets out into the world to find a new town to call home and make her own way in. As the traditional black witch's cat, Jiji is taken along for the ride when his witch, a young girl called Kiki sets off into the world. Hoo boy, here we go.


Sarcastic to squiwardian heights, Jiji acts as Kiki's conscience and surrogate older brother for most of the film. Despite this nominal position of seni-authority, he's frequently subjected to the usual trials of a cat that belongs to a young girl, including being put in cages and fed unusual things. (Pancakes, anyone?) For all that, he genuinely loves his witch, considering himself as much a part of her and her magic as any broomstick or spell. Because of his role as the guardian of Kiki's stupider impulses, Jiji tends to be suspicious towards new people and their motives. This attitude is usually (eventually) trumped by the preeminent catitude; familiarity and food breed eternal fellowship.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

As a domestic shorthair, Jiji can leap nearly six feet vertically, depending on how badly he wants to get somewhere. His life on Kiki's unsteady broomstick has trained his already acute feline sense of balance to razor sharpness but, if he does fall, he is capable of surviving a four-story drop with minimal injury, though he may receive significant hurt from shorter distances or dramatically longer ones. Also he is not declawed.

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