A young girl and the owner of a weapon called the Keyblade. She was tasked with saving her universe from the darkness and finding her missing friends, Sora and Riku, after their home was destroyed.

age: 15

origins: Kingdom Hearts, AU

app link: here

hmd: here

'played by': Megan


She is AU. Kingdom Hearts 1 and Chain of Memories are inclusive to this AU setting - but none of the other prequels or sequels. Assume that, in this KH universe, everything we see in KH1 and CoM is the only available canon. That guy you beat at the end of KH1 really is Ansem. Ven, Vanitas, the Unversed - none of those are pertinent. None of KH's later retcons come into play. And, in addition to all this, assume that Kairi was the one who received the keyblade on the Destiny Islands the night it was destroyed, rather than Sora. I have written up the entire AU history here, and made a list of Kairi's party members/worlds visited/boss battles for those two games here.


Cheerful, outgoing, and kind. A little bit on the clueless side - definitely rather naive. Believes in the best in others by default. Likes to pretend things are okay even when they aren't, ignoring tension or danger in favor of pretending everyone's happy, sometimes with disastrous results. Although fiery, stubborn, and reckless, she remains 100% considerate of other people's feelings.

Abilities & WeaknessesEdit

She wields the Keyblade, with knowledge of magic and possibly how to pilot a gummi ship. She can travel the corridors of darkness/corridors of light between worlds; she's just not sure how. A bit of a craftsman, she was shown making necklaces before the Destiny Islands were destroyed, and the good luck charm she made - the Oathkeeper keychain - turned out to be an equippable item in combat. She's said to be a Princess of Heart, which would imply there's no darkness in her heart, but she does not believe in a heart without darkness, believing instead that both darkness and light are necessary for worlds/hearts to exist in stability.

A self-taught fighter, but horribly slow runner. A bit daft at times, and admittedly tech-illiterate.

Character RelationshipsEdit


Additional NotesEdit

Kairi's default party members are Daisy and Minnie, respectively a black mage and a white mage.