Shiina Tamai

A thirteen-year-old girl from the Kansai region of Japan. She is plucky, spirited, studious, and wise beyond her years.

Her older sister, Mishou, killed herself shortly after Shiina was born. Following this, blaming Shiina for the suicide, Shiina's mother tried to strangle the baby to death. Shiina's father divorced her mother and took her to Kusatsu to raise her on his own.

In junior high, Shiina befriended two girls named Sakura and Kaizuka, the former going on to become her most important relationship in the manga. Shiina is utterly driven to be with Sakura against all odds and to protect her from danger, this becoming Shiina's driving force for much of Narutaru's second half.

Shiina is surrounded by more mysteries than she would like. For example...Shiina was only recently beheaded by a dragon named Amapola. And yet, she somehow woke up on her grandparents' island, perfectly unharmed and without scars.

Shiina's father, a fighter pilot for Japan's Self Defence Force, was also recently killed in an attack by a hostile dragon named Hainuwele.





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"Shiina" means "An empty husk." Her hobbies are reading, fencing, and kayaking.


She doesn't have a dragon because she is a dragon--and her host/dragon-bearer is the planet Earth.