A Specialized Generic Error occurs when an individual enters a teleporter but does not come out the other side.


Because characters who enter the game cannot scientifically leave, the Specialized Generic Errors have two purposes in Singularity: hiatuses and drops.


Although teleportation is usually instantaneous in Singularity, players can choose to have a delay from when a character enters a teleporter to when they arrive on the other end, in cases where the player needs to go away for a few days but has no good alternative for what their character is doing in the mean time. Returning off of hiatus has the character appear as intended at their destination with no idea that extra time has passed until they check their wearable.


The usual explanation for a character drop is that a character entered a teleporter and simply did not come out on the other side. The player of the dropping character does not need to do anything extra for this to happen; it's just the reason Hypatia gives when asked. If a character dies as part of a plot, it can just be said there was an error in respawning.
When a character is dropped, their network ID is deactivated. This does not mean that they "left the station" or "went back home." It's more like being Killed Off For Real. Or possibly, that Hypatia kidnapped them and is keeping them in a jar somewhere.

Reapplying After a DropEdit

What happens if I reapp the same character? Do I have to start over from scratch?

You can choose to do a fresh reboot. However, you can also spawn your character out of the last teleporter they were meant to go through when they dropped last time, with all memories intact. They will have no recollection of time having passed or anything happening to them in the length of their absence.

Canon UpdatesEdit

Please contact a mod before canon updating.

For a canon update, a character must technically vanish through a teleporter and then reappear out of the same teleporter three days to a week later. Because the Membrane Fissure interacts with Sacrosanct's Quantum Teleportation field, Hypatia's databases will hybridize the existing save state with the new body and create a composite memory. These memories might not be entirely clear or make complete sense to the character at first, but eventually they'll adjust... or not.

Wait. Couldn't that potentially happen to an AU or another version of my character if they come into the game after I do?

You're completely right. Which is why it won't happen. Compositing of memories is only a function open to characters performing canon updates. One player's version of a character cannot inherit the memories of another.

Until we have an event for that.