Ceiling Hypatia is watching you masturbate.

In order to facilitate Sacrosanct's access-anywhere video network and holographic projection, the station is equipped with billions of near-invisible cameras. These exist in every building, along every street, above every city. Yes, they are in your bedroom. Yes, they watch you pee.

This effectively makes Hypatia omniscient and omnipresent throughout Sacrosanct, as she is able to track in real-time anything that happens anywhere. All characters are subject to her observation from the moment they arrive on the station, with no exceptions.

But don't flip out just yet. Only public and unoccupied areas have their camera feeds searchable in the open databases. All cameras existing in residences and private locations (public bathrooms, for example) are only viewable to Hypatia, unless a character deliberately sets up a transmission in one. Furthermore, just because the public databases are accessible does not mean they're user-friendly: generally, only computer characters (AI and cyborgs, for example) will have the search ability to scan through the literally millions of camera feeds which run everywhere throughout the station and in the Hypatia-controlled parts of Asphodel. Otherwise the task is comparable to scanning through every video on Youtube without content tags.

Mechanically-minded characters are also able to disable some cameras. Hypatia is known to turn a blind eye (ha) to this on a small scale, but more than a few and she'll send her automatons after you. It's not fair if she can't watch the show, right?