He's nineteen years old and mentally linked to a baby dragon in a universe where, yes, being linked to a dragon is very much the norm -- and every single subplot is a deconstruction of the mons genre. If you pick up a copy of Narutaru and come to admire the cute and cuddly Hoshimaru, here's a spoiler for you: He's actually Takeo! That is, Hoshimaru is Takeo's dragonet, not Shiina's, meaning that Takeo has been with Shiina throughout every important event in the manga. It's easy to see why he comes to care for her and her friends so much. But not nearly as much as he cares about his penis. By the time Narutaru ends, Takeo has fathered eight children with eight different women... Oops.

He is played by Karen and this page will be fixed later.